Reflection on Peer Feedback

The marks that I received back from my peers were sort of what I expected. I knew that there were a still a few things I needed to do to my blog before I submitted it and the peer marking really helped me to pin point the sections for improvement. One of the rubrics gave me some really good feedback about my blog and helped me to improve in certain areas, which I totally agreed on. With the other rubric it didn’t give me as much constructive feedback. It told me what was really good about my blog and then explained that they couldn’t see a weekly reflection on ‘Digital Fluency’ whereas I had already included this reflection. Based on my feedback I went back through by blog and attempted to resolve any spelling or grammar mistakes. I also added to my explanation for my teaching episode and explained a bit more about the lesson so the reader had some understanding of what it’s about before they open the link.
I believe the marks and comments that I received in each rubric were quite accurate and I was able to use this feedback to effectively improve my blog.

Peer Marked Rubrics

Miranda Ball Peer Marking by Naomi Bridger

Miranda Ball Peer Marking by Helen Coverley