Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning can be defined as learning that is pursued throughout life (Lifelong Learning Council Queensland Inc, 2013).
The digital age plays a major role in lifelong learning in today’s society. Before digital technology, for people to learn they had to go sign up for a course or read information in a book. With technology people are able to use their computer and Google things to find out information and teach themselves things or learn how to do something.

Every day I use the internet and social media to read and find information, so I am constantly interpreting ideas and taking thoughts away. When I am interested in a subject or need to know something I use the internet to find the information and watch videos, this is all apart of lifelong learning. The availability of these tools and information has made us ‘Global Citizens’ where we are no longer confined to one area or country. We can retrieve information and resources from all over the world. Using these technologies and being aware of all these resources and opportunities around us, we are easily preparing ourselves for the future and lifelong learning.



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