Digital Fluency

The term digital fluency can be determined by looking at each word individually. The word ‘Digital’ such as using technology and the internet, as well as the word ‘Fluency’ where if we are fluent in something then we are able to do something well or in manner that doesn’t prevent us from achieving what we want. So the term ‘Digital Fluency’ is describes as being fluent in using digital technology and digital items such as smart phones, laptops or the internet.

Personally I believe that I’m quite fluent at using digital technology, as i grew up in a world where were people were experimenting with and developing different types of digital technology. A way that we can help students develop digital fluency in the classroom is by giving them access to the different components and devices which then allows them to become familiar with technology and use in a correct and sensible way. Children will learn about all the different types of technology they may encounter in other aspects of their lives and gain an extensive amount of knowledge about technology that they may need when they leave school.

Some interesting information that I have been able to find on digital fluency includes a Pinterest website that represents many different aspects of digital fluency.

Since I believe that I’m quite fluent at using digital technology then hopefully it will make it easier for me to teach students how to use digital technology as well!





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