Digital Information

This week I had a look at the topic of digital information. At first I thought “What is digital information?” so I did a bit of research and I came up with a definition that digital information is any type of information that is stored in a digital form or information that we find online or using digital technology.

One of my tasks this week was to create a Pinterest page that represents some of the digital information that we encounter. It’s incredible the amount of stuff that you can find online. I was able to include information on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube and even a wordpress page. There was information about teaching kids to use digital techonology and resources such as apps for the iPad that kids can use. I was also able to find information about topics that I have already discussed in my previous blogs such as digital security and the digital divide.

Here is a link to my Pinterest site that represents some digital information that we encounter.
Pinterest – Digital information we encounter

I was mind blown at the amount of digital information that I was able to find online and it really shows how we are moving forward with digital technologies.
Sometimes it is also important that we don’t overuse digital technology or become to involved with it. Here is a quick YouTube video that shows some statistics on how people are using digital technology everyday and all the digital information that they can find. There is also a point about people becoming ‘Digital Junkies’ where they are using digital information instead of books and other resources.


Le Pierres, M. (2012). Digital Junkie- Information Overload (Video File). Retrieved from


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