Participation and the Digital Divide

Here is an excellent video that describes up exactly what the digital divide is.

This week I’ve been reading and thinking about the digital divide. The digital divide in its simplest form is people who are able to experience digital technology and those who aren’t.

There are many aspects that make up the digital divide, such as where people live (Urban area or Rural area), or whether families can afford digital technologies. There are people who don’t get to use digital technologies at home, and people who can afford digital technologies such as iPads and computers. The people who can’t afford these technologies or aren’t allowed these technologies, aren’t able have the experiences that other people can.
I have grown up in a household where digital technology was always around. I have been able to experience most aspects of it although I always had classmates who did not get to experience the same things that I did.
There are also people who have access to digital technologies although do not have the skills or abilities to use them.

Although I believe digital technology is an exceptional thing which shows how the world is evolving. It also has many negative aspects and the digital divide is just one of them. Digital technologies can be expensive and not everyone get to participate in the digital world.


Martz, K & Ligett, E. (February 23, 2012). The Digital Divide in Education [Video File]. Retrieved from


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