Digital Security

Digital security involves many things such as scammers/hackers, cyber bullying and identity theft. Watching the video this week about securing your digital identity was very eye-opening. A celebrity had his entire digital life wiped out by hackers. They tried to get into his twitter account and they used other accounts to wipe his iPhone, iPad and mac book computer. It’s amazing what hackers can do with just a small amount of information. There are many ways that scammers are able to fool people into giving them their information. They ring up and pretend to be someone else (a company that your involved with etc) and ask for your details such as your name and address. They can also go through the mail in your mail box and when they have enough information they are able to find your accounts and hack into them. Using online shopping sites is also where you will find a lot of scammers. A site such as eBay where people sell products and merchandise online, they can advertise a product and receive your payment but then the product is never sent.

Bullying is also a part of today’s society, and with the launch of social networking it has also introduced a thing called “cyber bullying”. Cyber bullying is where people can go onto social networking sites such as Facebook or twitter and they can post things to people or about people and it can have very serious consequences.
There are many advantages to online technology although there are also many disadvantages such as scammers and cyber bullying. Learning about digital security this week has made me think about my own digital security. How easy would it be for a hacker to find my accounts? Am I vulnerable to cyber bullying? It has given a large insight into the topic and I have come away with a great deal of information.


Tekzilla. (August 8, 2012). Don’t Get Hacked! Secure Your Digital Identity [Video file]. Retrieved from


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